Putin: It’s US, Not Us, That Created Crisis!

A tragedy of the contemporary American media is its failure to provide honest, critical analysis of events in the world. The end of “Bureaus” around the globe which were staffed by reporters who spent years learning about other nations is replaced by getting news off the wires. Few American newspapers will report Prime Minister Putin’s remarks at the Vaidai Discussion Club in which he argued Georgia provoked the conflict by moving troops in South Ossetia and firing heavy weapons on its capital. “When tank, multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery are used against us, are we supposed to fire with sling shout? What is an adequate use of force?” Fair question. Governor Palin in a display of ignorance, told her interviewer that Russia conducted an “unprovoked” invasion of Georgia. Who fired the initial shots–Georgia or Russia?

Few US newspapers will report his promise, “we have no desire and no grounds to encroach on he sovereignty of former Soviet republics” no his assurance there was no desire to restore a Cold War. The Russian prime minister justifiably blasted the Western media for its “total silence” about Georgian troops entering South Ossetia during the early days of the conflict. Their actions were reported as though it was the normal approach to problem solving, use force to get across your ideas.