Putin Just A Regular Guy

Say what you will about Vladmir Putin, the man in charge of Russia, but underneath the corruption and disdain for human rights beats the heart of a man who loves dogs and wants to bring peace to the world. OK, so the Wikileaks reveal corruption running rampant in Russia, crime lords protected by the police, but the bottom line, as he told Larry King, is that no one has any pictures of corruption or torture as we do of American military members who enjoy snapping photos of every idiotic thing they do. Leaked memos indicate Vladmir has a buddy in Silvio Berlusconi who likes broads, power and money, but the latter is really the source of his self concept. Putin appeared on the Larry King show and told the world he wanted NATO to join with Russia in an anti-missile program or “Russia will simply be obliged to protect its own security by different means.” I guess that means purchasing missiles from North Korea.

King asked about the Russian spies who were captured in America and the Russian leader responded by saying the spies “deserve unconditional respect.” That is understandable, given that the spies brought home the secret recipe for making real American apple pie.