Putin King Of Human Rights Abuses

Vladimir Putin is a very brave man, he goes off into the wilds of Russia, bare chested and ready to confront any animal who would dare to cross his path. He has been trained by the KGB to tie up opponents, beat and torture them, and inform the media that the person assaulted an unarmed interrogator and thus had to die-it was all self defense. Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer who uncovered a huge swindle by Russian officials that resulted in the theft of over $200 million. What else could an honest swindler do but beat the hell out of this man and send him to his death.

Vladimir Putin has high moral standards. If there is one thing he will not accept is for anyone to point the finger at a member of HIS government. After the US Congress passed a bill to restrict movement of those who killed Magnitsky what else could Putin do but sign  into law a bill that bans adoption of Russian children by American parents? There are over 700,000 children who are orphans and only 18,000 Russians who seek to adopt one.

Russian children will suffer due to the actions of Putin, but, he is the KING so one must accept his decisions. Oh, I forgot, Putin and his buddies charge that American parents want a child so they can cut him up and sell his body parts. Why else would someone seek a Russian child?