Putin Land Condemned

There was a moment during the past decade when a possibility existed within Russia for that nation to pursue the path of democracy when Medvedev was president and Putin was prime minister of the nation. We will never know when Medvedev allowed the prime minister to assume power and pursue his program to destroy democracy in the nation. The Council of Europe is considering passing a resolution that will critize Putin Land for its laws on gender rights, denial of free speech and the right of peaceful protests. The European body is cocerned how Putin, once again back in power, has pushed through legislation which prohibits writing or openly campaigning for gay rights or seeking to protest against laws that deny human rights.

A resolution will be passed. A resolution will be sent to Moscow. Presiden Vladmi Putin will throw the resolution into a fire, lean back, have a good drink of vodka and inquire of his assistants what is the next law against free speech that will be discussed in the Russian parliament. Bills are NOT argued, bills are NOT discussed. They are accepted