Putin Main Headline In Russia

Another day in Mother Russia, another opportunity for Vladimir Putin to display his thirst for power and power and power. Russian President Putin dissolved Russia’s leading news agency and turned it over to one of his flunkies in crime. The decree ended the life of RIA Novosti and created a new media group that will be under the control of Dimitry Kiselyov, a leading hater of gays and lesbians. The new company, Rossiya Segodnya, Russia Today,” will be certain to provide extensive news about the only important topic in what is knwon as “Putin Land” although others may use the quaint expression of Russia. Headquarters Putin made clear to the world the reason for this move was to enable Russia to “firmly defend national interests.” Obviously, since Vladimir Putin IS Russia’s natinal interest it stands to follow what he does or says or thinks IS the national interest of Russia.

We imgine JosephS Stalin is smiling up in heaven along with the other brtual thugs who once ran the Soviet Union. We await the next step when Putin dissolves the nation of “Russia” and replaces it with the “Soviet Union.”

Oh, Dimitry Kiselyov has appeared on television urging that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to donate blood. After all, we need a pure nation.