Putin Maneuvers The Presidency

President Putin continued his secret twisting schemes to decide who will become Russia’s new president after he leaves office next year. He shocked everyone by placing a relatively obscure man, Vicktor Zubkov into the position of prime minister. Most political experts had expected the next presidential candidate of United Russia, the dominating political party in Russia, to either be First Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov or Dimitry Medvedev. Everything was thrown into confusion by the surprise appointment of Zubkov.

One explanation might be that Putin does not not wish a strong person to be president because he is planning to run again for the office after he waits the constitutional limit of one term out of the presidency. Putin thinks like the former KGB officer he once was and is attempting to get someone into the presidency who will graciously step down once the four year term is completed. His assumption is that Zubkov is such a person. One can never accurately tell what will happen over the course of four years.