Putin Moves From Sochi To Ukraine

The Winter Olympic Committee lost a wonderful opportunity to not only protect the rights of gays and lesbians in Russia, but to assist the people of the Ukraine in their fight to create a modern effective government. If the Olympic Committee had informed President Putin that games would be cancelled unless he voided the anti-gay laws, President Putin would have felt himself to be weak and might have hesitated to get involved in the Ukraine controversy. US Secretary of State John Kerry informed the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, that reports of Russian troops conducting maneuvers on the border of Ukraine posing a threat of violence. “We believe that everybody now needs to step back, and avoid any kind of provocation.” His words appeared just as gunmen in the Çrimea seized government buildings and hoisted Russian flags signifying a desire by some in eastern Ukraine to split away and join Mother Russia.

There is slight doubt of violence in eastern Ukraine as pro-Russian, many of whom are even Russian speaking Ukrainians, seek to split away and once again become part of Russia. Putin is ready to provide money for such an effort, the unanswered question is whether he is willing to offer soldiers for such an effort.

There is something ironic in Russia arguing for its right to assist people in eastern Ukraine. This from a government that rants and raves against outside forces interfering in the civil war raging in Syria!