Putin On Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is a man for all seasons. He paints pictures, he sings songs, he displays the latest judo moves, and he is also a man with extraordinary luck. During his watch, opponents wind up in jail on tax evasion charges, people who don’t like his manner of ruling get shot while trying to enter their home, and some even fall dead due to an injection of poison. None of these are caused by the prime minister, they just happen because he is one lucky dude. Now, to demonstrate his wide raging skills, Putin has entered the field of writing and a magazine, Russian Pioneer, is publishing his composition, “Why It’s Hard To Fire People.”

Naturally, his opponents insist the prime minister is some sort of sinister person who manhandles anyone disagreeing with his view of the world, but the real Putin is a sensitive and caring person who is gentle in firing the incompetents who surround him in government. Putin insists he calls the person into his office, looks him straight in the eye and says I have evidence you are incompetent, prove me wrong. I doubt if someone gazing into the eyes of this very lucky man whose opponents wind up dead or in jail cares to present a contrary argument. Most likely, they admit their incompetence and sigh at the fact they can actually leave the office still alive.

Does anyone doubt the missive of Putin will win a writing prize?

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