Putin Peeved

Vladimir Putin is a man who believes that he is The Man of Russia. He is convinced that God in His infinite wisdom has created this wonderful man whose only task in life is making certain that all Russians believe he is the most wonderful man in the nation. Alexi Navalny, for some strange reason, does not believe that Mr. Putin is God’s gift to Russia. He had the audacity to run for mayor of Moscow, and lo and behold, he wound up with 28% of the vote when Putin expected him to get about 5%. To further embarrass Vladimir, in the city of Yekaterinburg, another opposition candidate, Yevgnry Roizman actually won the election for mayor.

I gather that Vladimir is holding special sessions for United Russia political leaders on how to ensure they win elections. For God’s sake, you guys count the ballots, how about counting them the right way!!