Putin Pissed Off!

Vladimir Putin is a man who enjoys participating in discussions with other members of the Russian government. He is the type of man who welcomes anyone participating in an open and frank discussion about any topic pertaining to running the government of Russia. Of course, when Putin employs words such as “open” or “frank” or “honest,” he assumes the other person agrees with his way of thinking. A recent story in the Moscow Times reports that Putin blasted Russian officials who had the temerity to tell members of the media their views on topics, even though what they thought was not the official party line. The President made clear to any member of the Russian government that discussing any form of disagreement with the media would result in submitting a resignation.

The complete story is not avalable from Moscow Times. In honesty, they did allow readers to see the headline. As to the exact words of the Supreme Leader, those are off bounds to the public or media. Ah to live in Putin Land, the land of brave men who will take any risk in order to do what the Leader desires!