Putin Pisses On People!

Vladimir Putin exchanged jobs of President and Prime Minister with his stooge, Dimity Medvedev and proceeded to demonstrate that not only was he the boss as prime minister, but he is now the super boss as  president. Crowds of Russians had gathered to protest his inauguration in a legal manner, but to the Karate king of Russia,if you gather to hear him, you had better shout his praises or face the consequences. Police brutally assaulted demonstrators and detained hundreds.

Putin’s Press Secretary was asked if the police should have behaved in this manner. He responded: “They were too soft. Protesters who hurt riot police should have their livers smeared on the asphalt.” After all, it you lack arms, if you confront men who have shields and batons to beat the hell out of you, please, please do not hurt these armed men.

Welcome to Putin Land, the land of peace and harmony. Of course, harmony means Vladimir is always, always right!