Putin Plays Gentle Man

During the past several days, this blog has predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would back down, withdraw his forces from the border with Ukraine and seek to come across as a man of peace and good will. Putin announced that his government “will respect the choice of the Ukraine people” in the upcoming election for president of the country. Why?

1. The Russian economy is stagnant and can not absorb the costs that would accompany taking over the Ukraine.
2. He fears a Russian takeover would result in guerrilla warfare which would be an enormous financial drain on his government.
3. Sanctions are not only working, but they pose a serious threat to the Russian economy.
4. If Russia does take over the Ukraine, then who is equipped to run the country? There is not a single opposition person who could assume the responsibilities of being president without causing chaos.
5. Maintaining an army that goes into battle COST MONEY!