Putin Plays the Chavez Card

President Putin entertained the always entertaining President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela just days before his scheduled visit with George Bush. Chavez did his usual comic impersonation of a man fighting against evil America and proclaiming the need for freedom while stifling opposition within his own country. I have no problem with his speeches attacking American oil companies which, undoubtedly, have exploited Latin America. But, he is in a Russia where the government is denying freedom of speech to its opponents as well as stifling ethnic groups of their right to self government.

Putin is no fool and there must be a reason he participated in this event just days before going off to see George Bush. I find Putin’s mind intriguing, the man has secret plans and agendas. So, what is his goal in meeting with Bush? Surely, he is not interested in enjoying Texas steaks. I suspect he is positioning Russia as leader of nations which fear America’s military prowess.