Putin Ponders Future Again

The one certainty in life is that when Russian President Vladmir Putin speaks, he will offer wise words about what he intends to do  and will make certain that he will never do it. In his state of the nation address once again there were promises to end corruption in the land, provide jobs for all, make certain kids could play in peace, build housing, and create a technology based economy. Of course, he made the same speech five years ago and ten years ago. However, Putin did add a new word to the Russian language when he promised to “de-offshoreise the economy.”

The Great Leader also wants the world to know they no longer will be allowed to  fund human rights groups in HIS land. How can he allow FOREIGNERS to undermine his work in ending human rights. So, keep your money, and stay out of HIS land!

Just remember if you are in the media, simply keep a copy of this speech and use it next year.