Putin Pontificates About Cold War -And Sochi

There are few men in this world who can speak with the authority of Vladimir Putin when it comes to the topic of the Cold War and how the world picked on poor Russian leaders who simply were attempting to offer their people a bit of peace and quiet. As I recall, about one million Russian soldiers who were captured by the Germans on return home were either executed or sent to gulag in Siberia. As I recall, the Communist Party led by our beloved dad-Joseph Stalin–was responsible for the murder-including starvation– of over TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE. As I recall, during “trials” in the 1930s, thousands of dedicated Communists were tortured into “confessing” to crimes they never committed. As I recall, in 1952-1953, thousands of Jews were arrested and a group of nine charged with the notorious “Doctor’s Plot” by Jews to poison Soviet leaders.

So,listen to Putin. “Back in the Cold War times the theory of containment was created.This theory and its practice were aimed at restraining the development of the Soviet Union. This, unfortunately, has also been applied to the Olympic effort.”

Really. Vladimir and his buddies have robbed the people of Russia, and made this the most expensive winter Olympics in history. Russia is among the few nations in the world in which life expectancy is DROPPING due to a dysfunctional economic and medical system. Just remember in Putinland we do NOT act gay or say gay things!!