Putin Pontificates About Self

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is among the greatest champions of Vladmir Putin whom he regards as the reincarnation of good old Joseph Stalin. He displayed his physical body as a symbol of what a real leader is–trim body, muscles, and a figure that would set the hearts of women fluttering in ecstasy. He put on a TV program which featured himself, talking about himself in order to prove that he alone was necessary if Russia was to proceed as a viable state. “I can’t recall Soviet leadership  after World War II who has worked as hard”– as me.

He compared himself to President Franklin Roosevelt who  was elected four times in order to justify Putin once again running for the presidency. In Putin’s view, it does not matter if someone is president 8 or 16  or 24 years as long as his name is spelled–P U T I N.

Just remember to vote for Putin because he alone will guarantee four more years of his body appearing on television along with his sermons as to why he is necessary to ensure Russia does not collapse.