Putin Pontificates Again For Putin

Vladimir Putin is not only president of Russia, but he is among the nation’s foremost historians whose knowledge of World War II is unsurpassed by those who went to college and studied history. This is a man versed in the role of the Soviet Union’s secret police, the NKVD, and the role it played in gaining victory. OK, so they murdered thousands of Polish officers who would have welcomed an opportunity to high against the Germans. OK, the NKVD murdered thousands of Russian soldiers who committed the crime of being captured in battle by the Germans due to blunders on the part of dictator Joseph Stalin who refused to listen to warnings about a German attack. Anyway, Putin is upset that some history books mention some of these items in addition to depicting the impressive role played by Russian forces in gaining victory against the Germans. Putin and HIS historians want new textbooks that will NOT make negative remarks about Russians during WWII.

As the great historian put it: “unified approaches on the teaching of history do not imply state-imposed bureaucratic and ideological unification.” They simply mean teachers will NOT describe errors by Soviet leaders nor the murderous activities of Putin’s beloved NKVD during World War II!!