Putin Pontificates Again!

Vladimir Putin is an important man, ask him if you do not believe the words  just written. As president of a nation, it is his responsibility to remain neutral on cases that take place in a court room because he supposedly represents the nation. He recently commented on the trial of Pussy Riot women who were convicted of a crime for singing in a church. In his view, “they had group sex in a public place.” He thought their performance was akin to a witches sabbath.

The Russian government is notorious for corruption and no one is arrested unless, of course, they disagree with the Supreme Leader. His friends steal, they lie, they disregard human rights, but a few women who perform in a church are true real threats to Russia.

We await his decision when the women appeal their conviction. Too bad they are not businessmen who pay the right people. Gee, President Putin who earns a government salary lives rather well. Wonder why??