Putin Pontificates On Syria

President Vladimir Putin is a man of action. If you need someone to bring supplies to the surrounded fort, just make a phone call to the man who not only bares his chest in defiance of the world, but also makes clear that his mind is always focued on the issue of peace and love. When asked if he would help the beleagured nation of Syria, he did not hesitate for a moment when replying: “We will. We are helping them right now. We supply weapons, we cooperate in the economic sphere, and I hope will cooperate in the humanitarian sphere..to provide for those civilians who are in a difficult situation.”

Vladimir is a caring man. After all, he spent early youth in the KGB, among the organizations in this world whose only concern is for the welfare of people. Heck, they send folk to an insane asylum to help get them insane. Need a beating today in order to feel happy and content, just give Vladimir a call. He just wants to help in a sort of humanitarian way– want help in building a new home, he will handle destruction of the old one. If only Barack understood the only way to work with a Republilcan Congess is turning over the problem to your local KGB agents.