Putin Pooh Poohed!

Vladmir Putin is a man’s man. He enjoys showing the Russian people his wonderful physically fit body. If masculinity is a virtue, Putin is a saint in heaven.  He is accustomed to having people bow before him, express wonder at his incredibly insightful comments, rave about his leadership, and if you don’t there is always a nice jail in Siberia. Vladmir attended a martial arts event in Moscow’s Olympic  Stadium and shock ran across his face. The audience booed and shouted insults at the emperor who finally was naked before the world.

Reports indicate  a moment of shock flilckered across his face. Nobody can remember Putin being booed in public. It increasingly is clear the Russian people are tired of being treated like little children who need Daddy Putin to take care of them and explain how the world works. His approval ratings dropped about 7%.

Hopefully, this is the  first shot in getting rid of this petty dictator who pretends he is a believer in democracy.