Putin Pouts And Pontificates About Justice

Prime Minister Putin is a powerful man, he ran Russia as his personal fiefdom for years when president and today he runs it through means of the presidential stooge known as President Medvedev. Mikhail Khodorkovsky made the mistake of becoming a powerful businessman in post Communist Russia since that status was bound to arouse anger among many in the country who regarded new capitalists as taking advantage of a chaotic economic situation. But, that was not his worse mistake. Khodorkovsky began to develop a social consciousness and decide Russia was ready for democracy. A first step in that direction would be to have open democratic elections for president. Then President Putin was furious that anyone dared to challenge his power and made certain his enemy was accused of economic crimes and sentenced to prison in a fixed trial.

As prime minister of the nation, Putin does not grasp the importance of those in power remaining out of jury trials since their position allows a jury to be influenced. A public statement in the midst of a trial that the defendant is “a thief (and) must sit in jail.” Putin knows only power, justice is a stranger who has never entered his house–or mind.