Putin Praises Putin!

The one certainty in life is when a petty dictator is under pressure to change, the best defense is to praise God or come across as defender of the nation against “foreign elements.” A crowd of 130,o00 gathered to hear Prime Minister Putin shout defiance against opponents. Of course, a high number of these people arrived in special buses courtesy of the Putin government. A day off, a day in Moscow, all expenses paid, heck, even I would shout hurrah for Putin.

“We are ready to work for the good of our great Motherland,” he told the crowd. “Not only to work, but to protect her. The battle for Russia continues.” He pointed out that Russia defeated Napoleon, so it can defeat a bunch of liberals shouting about democracy! Putin also made clear, “we won’t let anyone meddle in our domestic affairs.” In other words, we don’t want foreign observers to ensure there is a fair election and ballots are correctly counted.