Putin Promises Peace In Syria

Last week when thousands of people jammed the streets of Moscow to protest the authoritarian government of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin, the leader of his nation informed the world the so-called demonstrations were really movie actors hired by the CIA to bring discredit to his regime. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement that praised efforts of the noble and great leader of Syria, President Bashar al-Assad to end violence in his nation that was caused by CIA and Mossad agents. “Moscow appraises with satisfaction  the real beginning of Arab League activities in Syria. The situation is reassuring; clashes have not been recorded.”

Dissident leaders estimate about 130 people have been killed in Syria since Arab League observers first step down in their nation. Yesterday, 4 people were killed in the city of Talkalakh. Of course, those killed were not murdered by Syrian forces since we all know they were whisked away by Mossad and CIA agents in order to blame the Syrian government for there supposed deaths.

Ah, the fantasy  land of Putin. Never allow reality to intrude!