Putin Pumps For Assad

Vladimir Putin is a man of action, he is a man who believes any thug leader has the right to be a thug leader since the most important quality of leaders is their ability to kill anyone opposing their ideas. Just check out how many Russian opposition leaders have wound up dead or in jail. Putin and Obama met and talked the past few days. They agreed there is need for “a cessation of the violence” in Syria. Both men noted they had discovered “many commonalities” in achieving peace in Syria.

I guess this means Putin is 100% in support of achieving a peace which leaves Bashar al-Assad as president of the nation. I guess Putin will use any words to make the world believe he is for peace. But, even as he spoke, the Russian military announced they were sending 600 Marines to Syria to protect Russian port facilities and citizens.

Sorry Barack, Vladimir is NOT for a peace in Syria that allows the people of that country a say in their futures.