Putin Punts On Human Rights

Life in Putin Russia can be wonderful is one grasps the basic ingredients for success in the land. Say nice things about Prime Minister Putin and bad things about anyone who is not in accordance with his views on what is good or bad. Music critic, Artemy Troitsky finds himself facing possible jail time because he made nasty remarks about a pro-government guitarist a, “poodle.” Vadim Samaylov has brought slander charges against Troitsky because this noted liberal critic referred to the guitarist as a “trained poodle for Surkov.” Viadislav Surkov is a deputy staff member for President Medvedev and a fan of rock music. In Putin land, government leaders are also noted experts are music, art, literature, and whatever comes into their minds so watch your words and get with the leader of the band, the one they like.

Mr. Troitsky already has been in court, most recently because he had conducted a “worst cop of the month” show and named a cop to win the contest. I hope that Vladmir Putin does not become a basketball expert because his buddy now owns the Nets, among the worse teams in the NBA! And, you heard it from ME!