Putin Punts On Libya Attack

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is an expert when discussing issues concerning petty dictators, given his track record in Russia and the number of human rights activists who have been murdered in unsolved crimes. At a press conference in Denmark he was asked to comment on his remarks that Western action against Muammar Gaddafi resembled “a medieval call for a crusade.” He argued that most countries of the Middle East are run by monarchs because people of the region want such people as their rulers. “There are monarchies everywhere, and this basically corresponds with the mentality of the people, as well as long standing practice.” He was particularly upset at the attack “on a small country” like Libya and destruction of their infrastructure. His comments again went against those of President Medvedev who rejects the idea that Gaddafi should be allowed to kill his own people.

We examined a map of the region, and unless Putin knows something we do not, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are ruled by monarchs along with the tiny Gulf states, but over 90% of the people live under non-monarchial governments. As far as attacking petty crooks and thieves, Vladmir Putin is definitely on the side of criminals, given his own process of government.