Putin Russia Fights To Halt Protests

Once upon a time in the 1990s, when the Russian people were celebrating the downfall of communism and the Soviet Union, people jammed streets to freely express their views, but since then, Vladmir Putin has made certain that demonstrations are for those who adore his semi-authoritarian approach to government. Dissenters March in 2006 was introduced as the main form of m ass protest by the Other Russia party. The purpose of these marches was to make public the feelings of millions that their freedoms were being eroded. The Moscow city hall made clear to protestors they could gather in one spot, but they could not march through the streets of the capital.

Pro democracy forces are aware there is nothing in the Russian constitution that allows a city government to reduce a “march” to the status of standing still and listening to speeches, but they do not wish to provide an opening for forces of repression to attack innocent people. Olga Kurmosova, a local leader of the United Civil Front, was visited by police because she is under investigation for smuggling into Russia a can of caviar. From freedom to cans of caviar is the story of Putin Russia.