Putin Seeks Heir!

Vladimir Putin was trained in how to operate a government by those believers in democracy at the KGB. It is not surprising that he appointed a man with absolutely no experience in government, no experience in politics, but gobs of experience in beating up people. Igor Kholmansskikh, a factory worker who offered to round up some thugs, come to Moscow, and beat the hell out of protesters, was given a new job–envoy to the Urals Federal District. President Putin  assured Igor, “you will be able to defend people interests.”

Igor assured the president, “I will not let you down.” Of course, this means he will not let down his guard against trouble makers who shout about things like –democracy! Where the heck did any decent hard working person get the idea one is allowed to vote out of office those in office? Reports are circulating that Igor will bring along to the job some iron batons and a few gas grenades. One never knows when a protester must be protected against protesting.