Putin Stands For Truth And Peace!

It is now official, those living in eastern regions of the nation of Ukraine want to leave and become independent bodies that no longer are controlled by Fascists and Nazis in Kiev. The “people” in a free election informed the world by a margin of 96% to 4% of their desire to secede and become independent. OK, so some armed guys were conducting the poll, OK, so if you voted they counted. Does anyone doubt that men whose faces are covered and carry a gun would fail to adhere to the right of someone to oppose them? It is clear the Putin government agrees this was a free election. “In Moscow, we respect the will of the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions” who conducted a “referendum in a civilized manner.” It is now time “to abandon violence ” and engage in a “civilized dialogue” in order to ensure that peace and prosperity are enjoyed by all Ukranians.

Sounds fair to me. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov points out that among the entire world media it is only the Russian which “tells the truth” about what is happening in the Ukraine. Who would doubt that Vladimir Putin ever denies equal rights to anyone. In fact, he even sent members of Pussy Riot to a nice pleasant resort in Siberia where they could enjoy the freedom of a wonderful jail cell. He respects the rights of people.

I await Cliven Bundy and his NRA buddies holding a free and civilized election out on the plains of our west and voting to leave the USA and have their own country.