Putin Style Democracy-I Decide Who Demonstrates!

There was hope when President Medvedev assumed office that he might extend the boundaries of democracy in his nation, but as the days go by, it becomes evident the concept of a central government which decides who can demonstrate in public is the prevailing approach to democracy in Russia. A request by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and the Slavic Union, both undoubtedly nationalist groups, to demonstrate was denied by the Moscow government. City Hall spokesperson, Leonid Krutakov, said on November 4, “there will be a lot of rallies” and it is simply impossible to fit in one more.

The two groups attract nationalist supporters who hate immigrants and attacks Jews as part of their venue for spouting hate. The essence of democracy is the right of those for whom I oppose to speak openly. Last year, the two groups on Moscow March attracted hundreds including many young people. Moscow survived their marching as did the Russian nation.