Putin Tales Of Glory

It was simply a matter of time before Vladimir Putin invaded a country on grounds that he was simply protecting Russia from its enemies. Western nations, including the United States, have pandered to this thug for years. For some strange reason, the West attended the Sochi Olympic Games along with restrictions upon those who are gay! This blog warned that Putin needed to be confronted and step one was refusing to attend the Olympic Games unless ALL restrictions were removed from gays and lesbians. Instead, Europe and the US attended which only made Vladimir Putin more convinced that he could do as he pleased and get away with it. Russian Foreign Minister informed the world that 6,000 Russian troops were in the Çrimea in order to “protect our citizens and compatriots.” Gee, how can people in another nation be citizens of Russia?

Oh, there is now talk of not attending the G7 or G8 meetings. No one will show up which will certainly worry Putin. What is needed is the following actions:

1. Imposition of sanctions.

2. All trade halted with Russia.

3. The US government ends its ban on export of oil and gas and becomes the main source of gas and oil for European nations. That ends dependence upon Russian oil and gas.

4. All diplomatic relations ended with Russia.

5. No Russian diplomats allowed to travel to the US or European nations.