Putin Tells Russian Spies To Help Russian Business

President Vladmir Putin, who spent his early life as a member of the Russian secret policy, the KGB, told the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) among their priorities is ensuring the agency protects the interests of Russian business corporations abroad. Although, one of their goals is thwarting terrorism, Putin also noted the agency “must be able to swiftly and adequately evaluate changes in the international economic situation, understand the consequences for the economy, and, of course, it’s necessary to more actively protect the economic interests of companies abroad.” In plain English, the president of Russia is unleashing his spies to engage in some spying in other countries. This could entail stealing information from other companies, bribery, and other endeavors that wind up benefiting Russian businessmen. American and British intelligence sources are already uncovering evidence of Russian spy activities.

Are we headed toward a new cold war only this time it will be fought between economic rather than military units? President Bush has not helped the atmosphere between Russia and America by his inept program to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. These installation strengthen forces of hostility rather than create an atmosphere of cooperation.