Putin Tries Punting

Thousands of Russians are protesting in the streets of Moscow and elsewhere against the autocratic government of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin–who used to be President Putin and who expects come this spring to again be President Putin. Vladmir has a new situation, people are openly angry at his thug machine that rules the nation. He has decided to allow people to have “legitimate protests” which means they can shout, but they should not do anything to disturb his march to power.  In order to display his willingness to compromise, the Leader made the leader of Parliament resign.

Vladmir has nothing against democracy provided the end result is his election. He is upset at what happened to Muammar Gaddafi and what is happening to Bashar al-Assad, two noteworthy men sharing his belief in absolute power. He blames the US, its drones and the CIA for driving Gaddafi from power and then murdering him without benefit of a trial. You know, one like Muammar gave his victims!

Flash! Just in. Putin claims the CIA paid students to protests!