Putin Upset At Dead Body

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is upset. He is upset that Muammar Gaddafi was killed by a mob. He is upset the  body of this former head of state was “shown on all global television channels.” And, furthermore, “it was impossible to watch without disgust.”  Putin claims “all of Gaddafi’s family has been killed” and he  most probably was still alive and covered in blood before being executed.

Vladmir Putin is a Russian leader who never did anything to denounce the deaths of human rights acivists in his own country. He has refused to halt the beating of those who work for democracy in his own country. It is nice of him to be concerned with one death, but for some strange reason he never said a word when hundreds were killed by Gaddafi.

I assure Mr. Putin the bodies of  many human rights activists were covered in blood before the goons who think you are God finished them off with another shot to the head.

For the record, the entire Gaddafi family is safe in Algeria. That is, except for his sons who led armed men to kill innocent people.