Putin-US A Frightening Monster Abroad!

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin while on a trip to France told its leaders to avoid behaving like the United States which he characterized as a nation that threatens world peace. “How can one be such a shining example of democracy at home and a frightening monster abroad? he asked. Putin accusd the United States of building new Berlin Walls in Europe by pushing NATO to expand into ex-Soviet Unin states like Georgia and the Ukraine. The Russian leader urged France to pursue its own foreign policy and not ape that of the United States. “France, I hope, will continue to conduct an independent foreign policy. This is in the nature of French people, they don’t ant their country tied down, and any French leader will have to respect that.”

The Bush administration has opened the door for nations like Russia to assume the mantle of leading the fight for peace. As long as the United States pushes for anti-missile bases in Europe against non-existant enemies, the Russian government can come across as one which seeks peace, not war. Hopefully, a new president of the United States will rethink Bush foreign policy goals in Europe.