Putin Vs World-Our Predictions

The actions of President Putin are not a surprise to anyone. It was simply a matter of days before he “obtained permission” from the lackeys and stooges who pose as the Russian Parliament in order to invade Ukraine and take over the Crimea which is the home port of the Russian fleet in the
Black Sea. Putin argued that “our compatriots” in Ukraine are under siege and he simply had to send in the troops to protect them from being slaughtered. He openly admits the presence of “Russian Federation” armed forces on the territory of Ukraine. Naturally, President Obama is upset, most nations in Europe are upset. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of world affairs knew it was simply a matter of time before Putin send in the troops to quell protest in the Ukraine.

So, why did Europeans send athletes to Sochi?
So, why did President Obama allow American athletes to go to Sochi?

We predict there will be extensive discussions about the presence of Russian forces in the Crimea. We predict those forces will remain until an “election” is held in the Crimea. We predict those seeking to secede from Ukraine will win the election. We predict they will be welcomed into Russia. We predict President Obama will make a speech deploring these events.

We predict the world will continue as it has.