PutinLand Investigates Democracy

Far, far away from our shores there is a nation ruled by a very wise man who is convinced that if only his people would listen to his wise words of wisdom there would be peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, there are some evil beings who do not believe his words convey support for the ideas of democracy. They read books that no intelligent person should read,they make comments about our Beloved Leader which are ugly and lack truth. What else could our Beloved Leader, Vladimir Putin do but send his police to check out these havens of terrorism.

Russian police entered offices of Amnesty International, a well known terrorist organization in search of documents, as of yet no one knows which documents are being sought. They also entered the offices of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, two German think tanks. After all, if you allow think tanks to exist it means people are thinking the wrong thoughts.