Putin’s Children Spy For Government

It was an interesting, but not necessarily a shocking revelation when a young woman who was a member of Nashi, a pro-Kremlin youth group, admitted she worked as part of a network of activists who infiltrated opposition groups in order to spy on them. Anna Bukovskaya, said she supervised about 30 members of Nashi who joined opposition parties in order to obtain information about its membership and activities which then were reported to members of the Russian government. She was paid $550 a month for this act of patriotism in defending Russia against the activities of those who did not agree Vladmir Putin and Dimitry Medvedev were always right and anyone who disagreed with their policies was always wrong. Mikhail Kulikov, a senior member of Nashi admitted that Ms. Burkovskaya was a member of the organization but denied involvement of his group with such activities.

This is Putin Russia which has the semblance of being a democratic government, but the reality is opposition parties are denied basic rights of freedom of speech, assembly or the press. The only surprise in this story is how long it took to come to the surface.