Putin’s Revenge Never Halts

Once upon a time in the land of Putin, there was a man who had made billions in business and then decided to turn his attention to the needs of his nation by engaging in the world of politics. Little did he realize that in Putin Russia, the man in charge decides who runs or does not run for the office of presidency and having a wealthy businessman place his name in opposition to the supreme leader of the land simply would not do. Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had created the Yukos oil company soon found himself arrested on bogus charges of criminal activity in the world of business and after a speedy trial sent off to Siberia to enjoy the wealth of that region from the inside of a jail.

He has been serving an eight year prison term and his request for a pardon was not only turned down but new charges have been level against him for embezzlement and grand theft. Most probably the only thing Mr. Kodorkovsky has stolen is a moment of freedom of expression and a desire to run for the presidency against the supreme leader and all wise man who runs Russia.