Pyongyang Yanks US Enemy

Far, far away in some land across the ocean resides a leader who cares about his dignity and right to express whatever comes into his mind. He lords  it over a land in which people are allowed not to eat for long stretches of the year and he so enjoys informing the world as to what he will do to anyone daring to challenge his right to boast and pontificate to one and all nations. The North Korean government is upset at UN sanctions, it is upset there are American soldiers in South Korea, it is upset most nations of the world do not listen carefully to their threats of violence and war. It informed the world:

1. There will be “all out action against the United States.”
2. The United States is its “sworn enemy” who must be crushed.

Rhetoric is among the chief exports from North Korea. It seeks to  develop a missile that can reach the US carrying an atomic bomb. It could occur. Perhaps, it is time for China to  impose restraint upon its neighbor and ensure that rhetoric does not become reality because China is the nation that eventually will suffer if North Korea gets into a war.