Qatar And Human Life

Qatar is among those Arab countries in which the discovery of oil has allowed a small group of Arabs to enjoy the benefits of incredible wealth without having to do much actual physical or mental activity. They handle the mundane tasks of life by bringing in hundreds of thousands from Asian lands who are desperate for any form of pay and will mortgage their bodies, if not their lives in the pursuit of work that allows them to surpass economic standards back home which condemn them to abject poverty for self and family. Since 2012, 380 workers from the land of Nepal and 500 workers from India have died as a result of poor working conditions or being driven to work at a fast pace for hours at end. The Qatar government, under pressure from the UN paid a private company to conduct a study of the lives of those from other lands who work in the country.

There is scant doubt thousands of females have been subject to sexual harassment including rape. If they dare to report such attacks, they are, in effect, purchasing a one way ticket back home. Thousands arrive as contract labor which means they must pay a large part of their salary to those who “sponsored” their trip. And, there are constant reports from servants of working seven days and nights a week for minimal pay.