Quebec Students Man Desks!

Quebec students by the thousands have filled the streets of their city demanding an end to tuition increases. Upwards of over 300,000 members of FEUQ have been involved in demonstrations which oppose raises in tuition of $325 a year for the coming five years. Marine Desjardins, of the FEUQ, insists “we are ready for a a long week of negotiation, make sure we can resolve this conflict.’

We are thrilled that students are fighting for lower tuition rates.  But the issues are more than tuition being charged to students. The modern university has become a business in which faculty and administration continue raising tuition without regard to (a) the education being provided 21st century students, (b) the actual cost of such education. Not single university has posed the question: what is the nature of education for 21st century people? Nor have they posed the question: “how best can this education be provided to ensure high quality teaching and learning?”

Each year tuition rises, does this mean each year the quality of education improves?