Queer Comments About Queers

There are some very angry pastors in this country who are filled with a spirit of vengeance and anger toward anyone who is queer. Pastor Charles Worley, of the Providence Road Baptist Church in the great state of North Carolina, wants to “build a great large fence–50 or 100 miles long– and put all the lesbians in it. Do the same with queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified to they can’t get out.” Ron Baity of Winston Salem’s Berean Baptist Church wants to throw all queers into jail.

There is something to be said about these suggestions. Of course, if we lock up all the queers and princesses that means the rest of us pay for their board and breakfast forever. I guess it  means all them homos and lesbians get jobs while the rest of us go unemployed. Of course, if we electrocute some of them, we could cut up the bodies and sell them for meat and, at least, make  some money from these queer people.

Pastor Worley thinks it is disgusting for men to kiss men. I guess this means we lock up a whole lot of football and basketball players who hug and kiss after a victory.