Quiet Turmoil In Iran Confuses Picture

Right wing American pundits insist the United States should take an active interest in fostering change in Iran. However, latest reports from that nation indicate there is quiet turmoil within the Iranian hierarchy as groups vie for power and it is best allowing them to sort out the future of their country. Newly appointed judiciary chief, Ayatollah Sadeq Larligani fired the hardline prosecutor who is responsible for current trials against those who protested recent election results. He also formed a “supervisory board” to investigate post-election events including violation of the rights of those who were imprisoned.

This suggests Ayatollah Khamenei is attempting to reach out to both conservative and moderate members of the clergy to make clear he wants to serve as a bridge between conservatives and moderates. The conflict is in no way linked to any effort to end the current clerical Iranian nation, but to make clear to all Iranians that Khamenei stands above petty self interest.

No one knows the end result of the current conflict within Iran. It is best to move away and allow Iranians to deal with their own issues.