Quit Picking On Herman And Rick!

I am getting sick and tired of liberal smart asses like Jon Stewart making fun of outstanding Americans like  Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Instead of praising Herman Cain for keeping up a 13 year long affair with a woman, showering her with gifts and calling at all hours of the night, Herman did NOT have sex with her! How many of you damn liberal men could have an affair for 13 years and never once enter the vagina? Herman is a gentleman, Herman is a romantic, Herman is a man who is loyal to his wife. He has affairs, but he does not have SEX!

Rick is once again having liberals make fun of him. OK, so he doesn’t know the age at which Americans vote! Big Deal! OK, so he thinks election day is November 12. He was only off by one week! You nit picking liberals think you know everything. I think what really bugs liberals is that Rick and Herman are good Christian men. Jesus Christ hung around with women, but no one accuses him of having an affair!

Why don’t liberal men get into an affair and learn how to avoid sex with the woman for 13 years. See if you can do it, Herman CAN.