Rabbinical Wars Rage In Israel Over Conversions

In an unecedented decision, the High Rabbinical Court of Israel has declared invalid all conversions performced since 1999 by Rabbi Haim Drukman, the head of the Conveersion Authority. The issue arose when the Ashdod’s Regional Rabbinical Court, declared invalid a conversion by a woman, a decison supported by the High Rabinnical Court. They also said it was possible to retroactively cancel the conversion of someone who does not observe the Sabbath. The Court also ruled the woman and her children must be added to the list of people who cannot marry under Jewish law. Out of extra caution, her husband was also added to the list of illegal marriages despite the fact he was born a Jew.

This decision raises issues about the Jewish status of thousands of people who were allowed to convert and marry in a Jewish ceremony. The Court expressed concern the woman in question did not observe the Sabbath. Perphaps, this will necessitate creation of a Sabbath police which goes around checking on which Jews do or don’t observe the Sabbath.

I wonder if those who rant and rave about Muslim clerics imposing sharia law upon their nations have anything to say about this latest episode of clerical interference in the lives of people.

  • journeyer58

    The very idea that now Judaism, is being hijacked by the “fundamentalist yahoo’s” is beyond belief. There is no reason that any self-respecting Jewish person, should stand for the kind of obscenity and controlling standards that any fundamentalist imposes. It is now high time that all people of faith rise up against the creeping fundamentalism that is engulfing all faiths. We are now at a crossroad, we must stand up for the liberty and freedom that all faiths have at heart and give ourselves permission to be free from the need for someone t0 control our lives. G-d, did not place someone in control over me and I will not be dictated to by a man, who is infallible and human. All men have sinned and fallen short of the “glory that is G-d’s,” should I now place myself under that man who thinks that he is “chosen” or someone who is by far the sinner that he claims that he is not? In all my years of journeying to faith, it has been my experience that no one stands above me or below me, but all men and women are equal to me and I along with them am searching for G-d within. I do not place my faith any longer in a man, but in the one true G-d, and no other.
    For all who need it freedom is just around the corner, make the choice to be free from the control of men and women, who have the gall to say, “I am chosen by G-d, to lead you to righteousness and you must do everything that I say or you are going to Hell.” It is beyond my comprehension, that anyone would place themselves in subjection to someone like this.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Amen for your comments.