Rabbis Pontificate On Hate In Israel

Once upon a time in the history of Jews on planet Earth, they were minorities in lands and thus encountered discrimination and hatred from those in the majority. It was common for Jews to be compelled to pay taxes that were used to fund churches or mosques because the prevalent view was that those in the majority had the right to secure government funding for religious institutions and to pay the salaries of priests, ministers, and imams. Therefore, it is not surprising that throughout history Jews have been among leaders in the fight to separate church from state. Or, at least they used to be among the leaders in this struggle, but once Israel was created rabbis who bemoaned being forced to pay for the support of churches now demanded that non-Jews in Israel as well as Jews should support a religious establishment.

Israel Rabbis all too often mouth words that once were directed at Jews. As Rabbi Ovadia Yosef spoke the other day: “may our enemies and haters come to an end. May Abu Mazen(President Abbas of Palestinian Authority) and all those wicked men be lost from the earth. May God smite them with the plague of pestilence, including all Palestinians.” Of course, these same rabbis constantly quote from statements by Hammas leaders uring the destruction of Israel as justification for not negotiating with Palestinians. Now Israel rabbis are demanding complete freedom of speech as enjoyed by university professors. Of course, they do not realize even professors are subject to laws of slander. On one hand, Israelis constantly decry virulent statements by Arab leaders urging the destruction of Israel, on the other hand, similar comments by rabbis are apparently, Kosher!