Race Issue Divides British Police

The resignation o Sir Ian Blair as head of the Metropolitan Police continues to raise issues concerning the extent of alleged discrimination against black and Asian police officers in London. Two of Blair’s top level Asian assistants have charged he did not do enough to counter racism in the London police. Britain’s first black chief constable now also claimed minority officers have to work twice as hard as their white peers to gain recognition. Remarks by Mike Fuller, Chief Constable of Kent, are to be broadcast tonight in a Panorama program which reveals more than 70 percent of black policemen and women say they have been subjected to racism at work.

The Black Police Association(BPA) is called for a recruitment boycott of the Metropolitan Police. It says it will actively discourage potential applicants from joining a force marked by a “hostile atmosphere where racism is allowed to spread.” Mr. Fuller, who joined the Kent Police as chief constable four years ago after having spent 30 years with the Metropolitan force, says there is a “real problem of minority officers in senior ranks coming through.”

The continual complaints from Asian and Black officers certainly require an independent group to evaluate the entire situation.

  • Anthony G

    The Panorama programme was laughable. A shoddy piece of sensationalist nonsense and lazy journalism. His lightweight methodology would have an ‘A’ level Sociology student blushing with embarassment. This sort of tripe only damages all concerned. It worries me that so many people seek refuge in a refusal to face a more complicated and unpalatable reality. The truth seems to be that high positions are based on merit not simply blindly filling quotas. Whilst Mike Fuller is clearly a gifted and worthy individual, there are others from a so called ethnic background who are clearly ‘chancers’ who are destroying the possibility of others breaking through. Panorama needs to look at itself and seriously ask “Is this really worthy of an organization that once prided itself on balanced journalism?”
    I hope that the police continues to advance all those who deserve promotion not those who are needed to fill quotas. It will only lead to disaster.