Race Tightens In Texas And Ohio

Latest figure from Reuters indicate the primary race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has tightened in the key states of Texas an Ohio. In Texas, Obama leads 45 percent to 43 percent for Clinton and in Ohio both candidates are even. Republican front-runner John McCain will score impressive victories in both states over his one remaining rival, Mike Huckabee. In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton made overnight gains in Texas due to her continued popularity among Hispanic voters in southern and western areas of the state. In Ohio, about six percent of voters are not certain regarding their vote and in Texas the figure is seven percent.

These figures, although encouraging for Clinton since she had fallen further behind a few days ago, are not sufficient for the New York senator in the race for the nomination. Most experts believe she has to hit a 60% figure in votes in order to catch up in the delegate count. If Clinton wins by a few percentage points, it still indicates she has failed to come across as a dominant figure in the race. Both Texas and Ohio were supposed to be her “firewall” states and coming out ahead by a point or so will not necessarily give her momentum.