Racial Issues In Britain Spark Housing Shifts

the racial m ap of Great Britain is being redrawn as European immigrants head for the country while richer black and Asians head for white suburbs and young whites increasingly mix with children of various cultures. There is no clear but “white flight” but indications are many people are shifting their place of residence in order to have their children grow up with those of varying cultures. A recent study conducted by the Barrow Cadbury Trust revealed the lack of a single pattern on the part of whites in Great Britain. Acording to Sukhvinder Stubbs, chief executive of the organization: “What we are aware of in Birmingham is that there is middle-class flight, that in fact the better educated and those with better incomes–whether they come from white backgrounds or of the various ethnic-minority backgrounds -are moving out of the inner cties.”

The good news is a lack of desire among whites to have their children raised in a segregated world in which everyone is of one color. There apparently is a new coalition of people based on income and education which desires to live together and avoid the older desire for white flight. The study discovered people believe white flight is an issue but they do not see such patterns in their own communities. Perhaps, the issue of white flight is now behind the people of Great Britain.

The study may well be revealing a new sense among people that live in the 21st century is multiculturally based and it is best for society and their children to live in a mutli-ethnic and colored society.